World Markets Stock Consideration Report – USA – 2019 July

The Total market is now 5% higher than it was 12 months ago with a valuation of 116.2%. The relationship between the two values is much better than previous. When the market was at this level a year ago we were experiencing valuations that were increasing at a rate that was more rapid than the increase in market value and had reached a ratio of nearly 2.00. The expectations ratio is now a more reasonable 1.74.

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Medidata Solutions [MDSO] earns a SELL consideration, much of the news media is talking about a global slowdown, the global economy is slower, but is it bad? Most discussions are pointed to trade wars, but export/import prices do not demonstrate increased prices and most manufacturers are distributing their production capabilities around the world while becoming less dependent upon China. Is that not a good move for longer term stability? Maybe my understanding of industrial management distribution logistic theory is rusty, but I was always taught to make sure your manufacturing and distribution was never critical path dependent. Maybe it is part of the New Economy – No profits and Destructive vulnerability. Good combination.

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Global inflation remains low, economic growth in line with low inflation levels while unemployment levels remain low.Rudolf Technologies [RTEC] and Sykes Enterprises [SYKE] earn SELL considerations.

5G Portfolio – NEWS

– Intel [INTC] announced they will no longer be involved in the 5G smartphone modem business. It will continue work on projects that involve 5G infrastructure. In a possibly related matter ….

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Barnes & Noble earns a SELL consideration, UK GDP increases to 1.3%

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