World Markets – USA – Considerations (Buy, Hold, Sell) – March 2020

There is ample opportunity on the undervalued side of the market. Currently, over 36% of the market is under fair value, and 17.1% of those companies have strong enough financials to be considered BUYS. At 17.1%, it is 3 times the normal percentage. There are few stocks that are considered SELLS, 1.5%. It appears that the market is discounted.

World Markets – USA – Fair Value Report -March 2020

What a difference 30 days can make! Investor’s moved from an optimistic 6.2 point position above fair value neutral, to a 3.8 point position on the pessimistic side. Given the fear that is in the marketplace and predominately negative views on economic growth, I am surprised it is not further down on the pessimistic side of fair value.

World Markets – USA – Consideration Changes – February 2020

Dorman Products and Sally Beauty moved to BUY while Visteon is no longer a SELL.

World Markets – USA – Considerations (Buy,Hold,Sell) February

Stock prices have moved down from their highs, but markets remain optimistic, even after considering the impact of the virus from China and a logistic disappointment in Iowa. The optimism is well placed, but may be slightly ahead of the market. Currently, 19.7% of the market is undervalued, but only 7.6% of the companies currently have strong enough fundamentals to be considered a BUY.

World Markets – USA – Fair Value Report – February

Markets have reacted to the scare of the Novel Coronavirus (2019-CoV) with very little data. So far, 2019-CoV appears to be less harmful than either MERS or SARS. If we peel away the swings that appear to be created by quick reactions to the virus and concentrate on factual data such as earnings and revenues, we can see a picture where market price levels are moving slightly ahead of earnings support.

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