World Market Stock Consideration Report – USA

There is increasing caution over earnings reports that will start coming out soon for the 3rd quarter. If they are disappointing, the resulting move downward in prices should not force valuations to become excessive because prices are currently near fair value. It would be more damaging if market prices were in overvaluation range and earnings disappointed. Investors appear to be preparing for disappointing earnings. If the earnings do not disappoint, there most likely will be a significant move to the upside.

World Market Fair Value Report – USA

All market capitalization classifications are within 10 percentage points of fair value (100.0% Fv). Large Cap is demonstrating the highest expectations at 106.3% Fv followed by Mid Cap at 99.1% Fv. There is less enthusiasm in Small Cap stocks where market prices are lower than valuations by 10 percentage points at 90.0% Fv. See the full report with complete U.S. market coverage at: Client Service > World Markets > Americas > USA Stock Fair Value Report

Asset Allocation – USA View – 2020

Revised asset allocation management objectives can improve outcomes by revising the objectives of the portfolio to match the client view. Rather than a 2-dimensional income versus growth view, we believe the difference should be defined by adding a third dimension, stability. See the full report with tables at: Client Service > Asset Allocation > Americas > USA Asset Allocation

ISN Coffee House – BREXIT

The UK has been a less than enthusiastic member of the European Union for many years with problems blamed upon Brussels for a variety of situations only sometimes fair.

World Markets Stock Consideration Report – USA- 2019 September – revised

If the Fed has lost control of interest rates and the market is destined to spiral in, you could not tell it by market expectations that are reflected in a stocks position to fair value. Right now, the market is well within fair value.

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