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Medidata Solutions [MDSO] earns a SELL consideration, much of the news media is talking about a global slowdown, the global economy is slower, but is it bad? Most discussions are pointed to trade wars, but export/import prices do not demonstrate increased prices and most manufacturers are distributing their production capabilities around the world while becoming less dependent upon China. Is that not a good move for longer term stability? Maybe my understanding of industrial management distribution logistic theory is rusty, but I was always taught to make sure your manufacturing and distribution was never critical path dependent. Maybe it is part of the New Economy – No profits and Destructive vulnerability. Good combination.

Investment Strategy Today

Global inflation remains low, economic growth in line with low inflation levels while unemployment levels remain low.Rudolf Technologies [RTEC] and Sykes Enterprises [SYKE] earn SELL considerations.

5G Portfolio – NEWS

– Intel [INTC] announced they will no longer be involved in the 5G smartphone modem business. It will continue work on projects that involve 5G infrastructure. In a possibly related matter ….

Investment Strategy Today

Barnes & Noble earns a SELL consideration, UK GDP increases to 1.3%

World Markets Stock Fair Value Report – USA – 2019 June

Earnings remained dominate in all categories with revenues only outpacing earnings in stocks that are considered SELL. Earnings increased influence in both Core and Aspirational classified stocks while Revenues gave up some influence within the Aspirational category.

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