World Market – USA – Considerations (Buy/Hold/Sell) December 2019

Currently, 14.7% of the market is considered overvalued. Only about 1/3rd of that ranks well enough to also be considered a Buy. On the Overvalued side, 4.4% of the market is Overvalued. About ½ of

World Market – USA – Fair Value Report December 2019

As the market moves upward it appears to be well deserved because the market value is now within 1.8 points of fair value. We sometimes wonder if the overwhelming amount of “concern” that has been

World Market Fair Value Report – USA

Overall fair value influence moved slightly in favor of revenues and earnings along with a slight decline in the importance of dividends. Large Cap stocks matched the overall market with slight increases in the influence of both revenues and dividends, but also experienced a 1-point increase in dividend influence. MidCap stocks experienced drops in the influence of all three areas in relationship to the total market. However, the drop in earnings influence was larger than the overall market. Small Cap moved in the opposite direction of Mid Cap with increases in all three. Earnings made the largest influence increase that exceed 1 point.

World Market Stock Consideration Report – USA

There is increasing caution over earnings reports that will start coming out soon for the 3rd quarter. If they are disappointing, the resulting move downward in prices should not force valuations to become excessive because prices are currently near fair value. It would be more damaging if market prices were in overvaluation range and earnings disappointed. Investors appear to be preparing for disappointing earnings. If the earnings do not disappoint, there most likely will be a significant move to the upside.

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