We have been asked by a client for our general thoughts about the development of Fintech.  As a result, we wrote this background paper.  We will be publishing details on the individual companies over the next


World Markets – USA – Considerations (Buy, Hold, Sell) – March 2020

There is ample opportunity on the undervalued side of the market. Currently, over 36% of the market is under fair value, and 17.1% of those companies have strong enough financials to be considered BUYS. At 17.1%, it is 3 times the normal percentage. There are few stocks that are considered SELLS, 1.5%. It appears that the market is discounted.


World Markets – USA – Fair Value Report -March 2020

What a difference 30 days can make! Investor’s moved from an optimistic 6.2 point position above fair value neutral, to a 3.8 point position on the pessimistic side. Given the fear that is in the marketplace and predominately negative views on economic growth, I am surprised it is not further down on the pessimistic side of fair value.


World Markets – USA – Consideration Changes – February 2020

Dorman Products and Sally Beauty moved to BUY while Visteon is no longer a SELL.


World Markets – USA – Considerations (Buy,Hold,Sell) February

Stock prices have moved down from their highs, but markets remain optimistic, even after considering the impact of the virus from China and a logistic disappointment in Iowa. The optimism is well placed, but may be slightly ahead of the market. Currently, 19.7% of the market is undervalued, but only 7.6% of the companies currently have strong enough fundamentals to be considered a BUY.

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