Investment Strategy Today – Global View

Inflation remains under control globally, employment is strong, China is slowing and numerous American stocks moved into Buy Watch after yesterday’s drop.

Investment Strategy Today – Global Review

Many stocks moved back toward fair value increasing the stocks in Buy Watch, Hold and Sell Watch categories. Three new names moved to Sell while new Buy stocks were quite.

USA Fair Value Report – 2019 May

The DOW moved over 400 points yesterday and the result was only a 0.1 point move in relative valuation on the Total Market. So, what happened? LargeCap moved more in-line with Fair Value.

Investment Strategy Today – Global Review

Global Review is a new report that has been created at the request of several subscribers. This report is the combination of three daily reports covering the economy, fair value changes and stock consideration changes. Now in a single report you will be able to see country specific economic data that has an influence on markets, revised fair value estimates and revised stock consideration changes. The regular monthly reports on the economy, fair value and considerations will released as they have been previously. The Global Review will only highlight changes between reports. The current review, May 8th, covers the global economy, and USA stocks. Future reviews will begin to add each respective market as we move forward. Canada is next; watch for it!

World Economic Summary – 2019 May 6

Inflation remains in low stable territory nearly everywhere in the world while moderate economic growth prevails. Europe continues to struggle while the rest of the world enjoys average growth levels with excellent employment statistics.

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