World Market Fair Value Report – USA – 2019 August

On an industry group level of segmentation, Automobiles & Components and Banks are more than 10 points to the undervaluation side at 86.1% Fv and 81.9% Fv, respectively. Media & Entertainment holds the highest valuation at 111.0%.

World Markets Fair Value Report – UK – 2019 August

The British market continues to advance in overall valuation and remains well within fair value range (80.0% to 130.0%) at 106.3%. LargeCap stocks are similar at 106.2% with both MidCap and SmallCap closely centered around the mid 105.0 mark. There is a close grouping between the three segments indicating some uniformity across the total market. The full report with 350 British stocks can be found under Client Services: Europe

World Markets Stock Consideration Report – USA – 2019 August

The Total market is reflecting a good fair value at 94.8% with both Large Cap and Mid Cap segments at fair value, 100.5% and 100.8% respectively. Small Cap continues to stay in the undervalued side of fair value range at 88.2%. Full report in World Markets section.

World Markets Fair Value Report – Canada – 2019 July

The Canadian market has moved 1.50 points closer to fair value over the past month but remains slightly over valued at 104.40%. This is well within what is considered a fair value trading range (80.0% to 130.0% Fv). The market remains highly centered within the fair value range on both an average and median measure. See the full report with individual stock and sector details under: Clients Services > World Markets

World Markets Fair Value Report – USA- 2019 July

The Market centroid moved toward the upper right this month as did most individual sector centroids. However, two sector centroids moved significantly more than the overall market, Information Technology and Materials. Materials made a stronger move upward and slightly closer to the Market while Tech moved upward distancing itself from the Market while keeping a relative position in terms of valuation. Read the Full report with individual stock fair values and influence at: Client Service > World Markets > Americas > USA Stock Fair Value Report.

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