USA Stock Consideration Change Report

The USA Stock Consideration Change Report is issued daily and provides information as to which stocks, if any, have changed in consideration status. The table below is a sample to be used for discussion purposes.

Each stock is classified into one of five categories:

  1. Buy – stock should be considered for inclusion in a portfolio where appropriate.
  2. Buy Watch – stock has become undervalued and may soon be considered for a Buy once
    the stock shows a probability to return to fair value.
  3. Hold – stock is priced in the fair value range.
  4. Sell Watch – stock has become overvalued and may soon become a sell consideration
    when the probability of the stock returning to fair value becomes higher.
  5. Sell – stock should be considered for being removed from the portfolio.

The original status classification can be found in the monthly Considerations Report. Any time the status changes for any stock it is immediately published in the USA Stock Consideration Change Report. The change report is a daily report. Each stock that has experienced a change in status is identified in the table in terms of where it now resides and which status it originated.

For example, Apple moved to the Buy List from the Buy Watchlist. Sometimes stocks move to or from the Hold list and will only appear in the Added to List or Removed from List. If no stocks have moved into a specific block within the table you will see “None”.

DAY 121 | 2 May 2017
Added to ListRemoved from List
Buy ListApple [APPL]None
Buy Watch ListAvnet [AVT]
Cardtronics [CATM]
HomeStreet [HMST]
Time [TIME]
Apple [APPL]
Sell Watch ListeHealth [EHTH]
Tivity Health [TVTY]
Western Digital [WDC]
Sell ListNoneNone