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World Market Fair Value Report – USA

All market capitalization classifications are within 10 percentage points of fair value (100.0% Fv). Large Cap is demonstrating the highest expectations at 106.3% Fv followed by Mid Cap at 99.1% Fv. There is less enthusiasm in Small Cap stocks where market prices are lower than valuations by 10 percentage points at 90.0% Fv. See the full report with complete U.S. market coverage at: Client Service > World Markets > Americas > USA Stock Fair Value Report

World Market Fair Value Report – USA – 2019 September

The American market is positioned nicely within Total market fair value at 104.9% Fv indicating higher expectations from the market with an increase of 2.2 points. Only one sub-sector has reached a Cautionary level in valuation and it is Large Cap Consumer Discretionary

UPDATE – World Market Fair Value Report – Canada – August

Fifteen stocks earned fair value changes with 12 moving higher and 3 moving lower. Canadian National Railway and Canadian Pacific both moved up with 10 others.

World Market Fair Value Report – Canada – 2019 August

The Canadian market has moved very close to fair value at 102.9% Fv (Fair Value). Large Cap stocks have the highest expectation at 105.0% Fv followed by Mid Cap at 100.1% Fv. Mid Cap expectations match their valuation within 0.1 percentage points.
Small Cap is undervalued at 77.0% Fv, but be careful as there are just 2 stocks in this category. More are being added. See the full report in World Markets.

World Market Fair Value Report – USA – 2019 August

On an industry group level of segmentation, Automobiles & Components and Banks are more than 10 points to the undervaluation side at 86.1% Fv and 81.9% Fv, respectively. Media & Entertainment holds the highest valuation at 111.0%.