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World Markets Fair Value Report – UK – 2019 August

The British market continues to advance in overall valuation and remains well within fair value range (80.0% to 130.0%) at 106.3%. LargeCap stocks are similar at 106.2% with both MidCap and SmallCap closely centered around the mid 105.0 mark. There is a close grouping between the three segments indicating some uniformity across the total market. The full report with 350 British stocks can be found under Client Services: Europe

World Markets Fair Value Report – USA- 2019 July

The Market centroid moved toward the upper right this month as did most individual sector centroids. However, two sector centroids moved significantly more than the overall market, Information Technology and Materials. Materials made a stronger move upward and slightly closer to the Market while Tech moved upward distancing itself from the Market while keeping a relative position in terms of valuation. Read the Full report with individual stock fair values and influence at: Client Service > World Markets > Americas > USA Stock Fair Value Report.

World Markets Stock Fair Value Report – USA – 2019 June

Earnings remained dominate in all categories with revenues only outpacing earnings in stocks that are considered SELL. Earnings increased influence in both Core and Aspirational classified stocks while Revenues gave up some influence within the Aspirational category.

USA Fair Value Report – 2019 May

The DOW moved over 400 points yesterday and the result was only a 0.1 point move in relative valuation on the Total Market. So, what happened? LargeCap moved more in-line with Fair Value.

USA Fair Value Report – 2019 April 23

MidCap reaches Cautionary levels at 121.6% Fair Value while Total market advances to 116.0% Fair Value.