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– Intel [INTC] announced they will no longer be involved in the 5G smartphone modem business. It will continue work on projects that involve 5G infrastructure. In a possibly related matter ….

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Barnes & Noble earns a SELL consideration, UK GDP increases to 1.3%

World Markets Stock Fair Value Report – USA – 2019 June

Earnings remained dominate in all categories with revenues only outpacing earnings in stocks that are considered SELL. Earnings increased influence in both Core and Aspirational classified stocks while Revenues gave up some influence within the Aspirational category.

World Markets Stock Consideration Report – USA – 2019 June

The market over the past 30 days has been very much like riding a roller-coaster. You start and stop in the same place while experiencing a rather thrilling period in-between. The DOW moved over 1,000 points resulting in a 4% move if you measure the change between the high for the month, 25,877, to the low, 24,815. However, the change from this time last month, May and today, June, is less than 1% and only 189 points, less than a good 1 day move.

5G model Portfolio – Clearfield [CLFD] Added to Portfolio

The Investment Strategy 5G Model Portfolio has added Clearfield [CLFD] to the portfolio. The company has passed all criteria to be included.

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