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Two types of briefs are located in this category. The first is the annual forecast and the second are updates as new economic data is reported. If revisions to the original annual forecast are needed the brief will be identified as a revision. A complete description of the forecast parameters and how the forecast influences ISN commentary please read the brief under the How to Use ISN menu.

World Markets Stock Consideration Report – USA- 2019 September – revised

If the Fed has lost control of interest rates and the market is destined to spiral in, you could not tell it by market expectations that are reflected in a stocks position to fair value. Right now, the market is well within fair value.

World Markets Stock Consideration Report – USA – 2019 September – Revised

Two weeks ago, the media was overwhelmed with predictions of a “guaranteed” recession and market collapse. The reason? Bond yield curve inversion took first place, but the discussion was a bit hazy about when. Some said any day now; others said, within 18 months, or so. There may be a correction, eventually, but let’s look at the statistics.

World Markets Stock Consideration Report – USA – 2019 September

The U.S. market has moved nearly 1,000 points in a single day and valuations have hardly budged, but Considerations have moved solidly to the BUY/BUY WATCH side.

CHANGES – World Markets Stock Consideration – USA – 2019 August

CSX, EnerSys and Humana earn Buy Consideration while Baxter, Clean Harbors, Capstead, Catalent, Edgewell, PDF Solutions, Childrens Place and Twitter earn Sell Consideration.