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World Markets Stock Consideration Report – USA- 2019 September – revised

If the Fed has lost control of interest rates and the market is destined to spiral in, you could not tell it by market expectations that are reflected in a stocks position to fair value. Right now, the market is well within fair value.

World Markets Stock Consideration Report – USA – 2019 September – Revised

Two weeks ago, the media was overwhelmed with predictions of a “guaranteed” recession and market collapse. The reason? Bond yield curve inversion took first place, but the discussion was a bit hazy about when. Some said any day now; others said, within 18 months, or so. There may be a correction, eventually, but let’s look at the statistics.

World Markets Stock Consideration Report – USA – 2019 September

The U.S. market has moved nearly 1,000 points in a single day and valuations have hardly budged, but Considerations have moved solidly to the BUY/BUY WATCH side.

CHANGES – World Markets Stock Consideration – USA – 2019 August

CSX, EnerSys and Humana earn Buy Consideration while Baxter, Clean Harbors, Capstead, Catalent, Edgewell, PDF Solutions, Childrens Place and Twitter earn Sell Consideration.

World Markets Stock Consideration Report – UK – 2019 August

The British market has moved very close to fair value at 103.2% Fv (Fair Value). Large Cap stocks have the highest expectation at 102.0% Fv followed by Mid Cap at 101.0% Fv. Mid Cap expectations match their valuation within 1 percentage point. Small Cap is undervalued slightly at 99.1% Fv. See the full report in Client Services > World Markets > Europe