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Boeing – Our View From Flight Level 420

Boeing stock price is being hurt by inaccurate news reporting which should be temporary. The company is already well underway in correcting the problem and is implementing a solution. This should not impact Boeing’s long-term ability to deliver revenues, earnings and dividends as expected.

World Markets – Stock Consideration Report – USA – 2019 March

The excellent start to 2019 has created returns that in most cases, exceeding historical long-term performance. However, stock growth has slowed somewhat over the past several weeks with most performance numbers showing red for early March. Fortunately, this earlier growth activity has placed the markets very close to where they were in 2018 at this time of year. The FULL REPORT & TABLES AT: Client Service > World Markets > Americas > USA Stock Consideration Report

World Markets – Stock Consideration Report – USA – 2019 Mid-February

There have been many changes in Consideration status as the market advanced this month. A revised Consideration Report has been published and is available on the site through the Client Services menu.

World Markets – Stock Consideration Report – USA 2019 February

Last year there was every sign of a market heading full tilt into overvaluation. Today, valuations are a better reflection of market conditions than either February a year ago, or December. Last year was full of high expectations and a never ending “synchronized global growth” melody, followed in December by a good rendition of “The Sky is Falling”. Today’s valuations are realistic

USA Stock Consideration Changes – January

Stocks continue to move into HOLD classification. Now 67% of the total market.

USA Stock Consideration Report – January 2019

The corrections that took place in the last quarter of 2018 moved the market from an overvalue tilt to an undervalue tilt and opportunity. Many of the stocks that were overvalued, classified as SELL/SELL WATCH moved back to reside within the fair value range. Thirteen percent moved out of SELL/SELL WATCH to HOLD. HOLD grew from 62% to 67%. Just as overvalued stocks moved back into fair value, fair value stocks fell into undervalue. Eight percent of the overall market moved into BUY/BUY WATCH classification.

USA Stock Consideration Report Mid-December

Valuations are near neutral at 102.3% Fv. The rate of negative adjustment continues to slow giving up just 1.4 valuation points, again half of the previous period rate, which was also half of the prior rate. LargeCap surrendered the most last period, but this time Smallcap gave up 7 times what LargeCap surrendered and MidCap gave up three times as much.

USA Stock Considerations Report

Over the past 12 months there have been considerable changes taking place in stock consideration classifications. The most significant changes have taken place in the last 14 days.
Stocks trading in their normal Fair Value range, HOLD, has dropped from 66% to 53%. Roughly half of the total market is trading in their Fair Value range at the present time. Over the past 24 months the shift was from HOLD to SELL WATCH / SELL. This was occurring as investor expectations increased thereby pushing stocks above their Fair Value range. Over the past 14 days stocks have been moving from HOLD into BUY WATCH and
BUY. BUY WATCH has increased 9 percentage points to 10% of the total market. BUY has grown 4 points from 11% to 15%.

USA Stock Considerations

Investor expectations have moderated while earnings advanced producing a welcomed reduction in valuation pressures across the entire market. Relative valuations have moved just below Cautionary levels (120.0% Fv) at 119.1% Fv which is a generous reduction from last month.

USA Stock Considerations

Expectations continue to run high in the American markets, across all three market capitalization categories, and nearly every sector. USA bond markets continue to see deep colors of red as do international stocks and bonds.