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World Market – USA – Considerations (Buy, Hold, Sell) January 2020

On the Overvalued side, 7.2% of the market is Overvalued which is also an increase; in this case by 2.8 points. About ½ of the stocks in this group still have enough strength in their fundamentals to avoid a Sell consideration. (The stock’s price is higher than fundamentals, but not so high that they are extreme.) However, 2.9% of the market is both Overvalued and has not been able to be ranked well enough to maintain the high valuation and are considered Sell candidates, a 0.2 point increase.


Global Market Forecast – 2019 (X-USA)

Last month we published our view on the USA market and the various sub-segments of the stock and bond market. This is report is for USD investors and covers the non-USD markets.


USA Market Forecast 2019

The past year (2018) was not kind to investors, but the market entered the year overvalued and was expected to perform below the long-term average. Unfortunately, as the year progressed, overvaluation pressures increased and eventually investors realized that expectations would not be achieved. The market is now slightly on the undervalued side of a normal valuation range. In 2019 we expect the market to perform slightly better than the long-term average at 8.83%, but not as well as the mid-term average.

Service Change: World Markets – U.S. Stock Coverage

Five stocks have been removed from coverage due to mergers and acquisitions. Three new stocks have been added as they enter the respective index as replacements.