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Service Change: Market and Sectors Influence Factors Added to Stock Analysis Tables

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ISN Individual U.S. Stock Display Modification

Each of the stock summary pages displays two charts that visually provide the rank of the individual stock within two categories. The categories are the representative group of stocks that are commonly labeled LargeCap and included in the S&P 500 Index© and the second is a larger representation of the U.S. market commonly labeled the AllCap and includes stocks from the S&P 1500 Index©. The larger AllCap index includes stocks from all three market capitalizations, Both charts now show the relative position of the stocks fair value (Fv) in relation to the stocks within the respective category and each chart now incorporates a smoothed line connecting the monthly figures making it easier to visualize changes that have been taking place overtime in terms of the individual stocks position within the respective universe.

ISN USA Stock Coverage Update

Coverage within the ISN stock universe-USA has changed as of today with the addition of: Pacific Premier Bancorp [PPBI], Norwegian Cruise Line [NCLH] and NMI Holdings [NMIH]. Several stocks have been removed due to acquisitions: Parkway [PKY], Level 3 Communications [LVLT] and SciClone Pharmaceuticals [SCLN].

Investment Decision Tools for Portfolio Management

The Investment Strategy Network (ISN) web product is an investment tool designed to assist in the decision-making process of both private and institutional investors.

The Investment Problem

Most investors have some general idea of what economic factors affect a company. The more difficult question is by how much they affect the company. Or, what if several significant factors are moving in opposite directions – what is the net impact? How can one be sure that all the factors have been considered?