Category: ISN Service

Service Change – Portfolio Rating added to stock profile

In managing portfolios, we believe there are additional conditions not covered with traditional identifiers such as when the stock is already in a portfolio, exhibiting favorable/adequate fundamentals and valuations, but not holding a strong buy status. These stocks can still add value to the portfolio, but not as strongly as a full Buy. Or, a manager may need to add to certain areas of the portfolio for asset allocation reasons and no full Buy stocks exist.

Service Change – Stock Fair Value Change Report Now Includes Direct Links to Stock Chart

The Stock Fair Value Change Report now can link you directly to the stock that is being updated. Simply select the ticker in the box and the respective stock chart will appear. No more having to go back to the main menu. All reports, updates and e-mail messages will include this link for subscribers.

New Additions to Service: Each Stock’s Respective Sector added to Stock Chart and Percent Fair Value Slider

Previously, the stock comparison chart plotted the individual stock’s history since 2013 along with the market. The market was indexed to the same starting period as the stock plot. Today, we started to add the stock’s respective sector history plotted over the same time period. The sector plot is also indexed to the same starting period as the stock and the market. The sector history is shown with a dotted red line against the market black dotted line and the stock solid blue line. This now enables a quick comparison view across all three histories.

Service Change: Stock Consideration Change Report Improved

Several subscribers have sent in suggestions regarding the Stock Considerations Change Report. We appreciate suggestions and today, two of the suggestions have been incorporated into the report.

Service Change: U.S. Rankings Expanded to Include All Cap

Investment Strategy Network expands U.S. stock ranking to include Mid and Small cap stocks.

Service Change – nVent & Oasis Added, Biglari & DHI dropped

Biglari Holdings [BH] and DHI Group [DHI] are no longer included in the analysis because Biglari is in reorganization and DHI is below the minimum market capitalization. nVent Electric [NVT] and Oasis Petroleum [OAS] have been added to the service.

Service Change – ProPetro added, DST dropped

DST Systems [DST] is no longer included in analysis because the company completed the merger with SS&C Technologies [SSNC], ProPetro Holding [PUMP] has been added to the service.

Service Change – Stock Fair Value Change Report

We received a recommendation that it would be useful to have a single source of all changes that have taken place since the most recent monthly report. Today, we have modified the Stock Fair Value Change Report to include all changes in fair value that have taken place since the most recent monthly report. 

Service Change: World Markets – U.S. Stock Coverage

FormFactor has been added to the SmallCap 600 and Calgon Carbon departs after merger with Kuraray Company.

Service Change: USD Trade Weighted Index Influence Added to Stock Analysis

Investment Strategy Network has started to provide the economic influence of USD trade weighted index factor on the ISN Portal for individual stocks.