The Investment Problem

Most investors have some general idea of what economic factors affect a company. The more difficult question is by how much they affect the company. Or, what if several significant factors are moving in opposite directions – what is the net impact? How can one be sure that all the factors have been considered?

The number of companies available for possible investment and the number of economic factors announced in the marketplace is enormous. Once upon a time, the investor would need to gather the data from many printed sources, and then try to determine the relationship to stocks by drawing charts or developing spreadsheets. This can and has been done by many investment professionals. The problem is the sheer volume of possible relationships.The development of web-based tools has made what was once

The development of web-based tools has made what was once the only potential, truly possible today. ISN’s website can be used as a simple check of what works to forecast a stock, or it can be used as a more in-depth research tool, in order to completely analyze the relationships.

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