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U.S. LargeCap Active Sector Portfolio

Information Technology remains the largest sector at 24.5% weighting, but drops to 15.1% if Stability is sought.

Portfolio: U.S. Sector Only: LargeCap

This allocation results in a market weight, or near market weight (<0.5 percentage point difference) condition for: Energy, Financials, Health Care, Industrials, Information Technology, Materials and Utilities. Overweight positions for: Consumer Staples, and Telecommunication Services. Underweight positions for: Consumer Discretionary.

U.S. Sector Index (ETF) Portfolio Consideration

Some of the changes in asset allocation considerations since last report using the Balanced Target: 1. 0.7 point decrease in Consumer Discretionary, 2. 1.5 point decrease in Consumer Staples, 3. 0.6 point decrease in Energy, 4. 0.8 point increase in Financials, 5. 0.5 point decrease in Health Care, 6. 0.3 point increase in Industrials, 7. 2.2 point increase in Technology, 8. 0.2 point increase in Materials, 9. 0.2 point decrease in Telecom, 10. 0.1 point increase in Utility.

Model Changes – USA Stock Portfolio

Qorvo [QRVO], an Information Technology stock that reached an overvalued level. Qorvo went undervalued back in the February 2016. Since then the stock steadily improved until in early 2017 the stock reached an overvalued price but did not start a corrective move until recently. This placed the stock on the Sell Consideration list.

USA Sector Considerations April 2017

Since the March brief on the U.S. Sector portfolio the market has been anything but calm, with two 200+ point day gains in the DOW index. And, there have been significant movements in several of the individual sectors on a relative fair value perspective.