Our Goal

The goal of ISN is to provide the tools to analyze the
external influences upon the company as represented by economic indicators.

If a company makes glass, for example, its degree of success is partly determined by glass prices, glass demand, exchange rates versus its competitors, growth in its customers’ industries etc. Naturally to succeed a company needs good management, sound financials, clear business strategy and many other characteristics that can be analyzed, reviewed, reported and evaluated. Our belief is that to be a successful investor one needs to have both understandings of the external and internal influences upon a company. There are many services that can give the investor the qualitative information on the companies’ products, management, and financial outlook.

The best way to describe a service is to see it. In the pages that follow, we will try to show what the investor will see in the service and briefly explain what can be gleaned from it. The explanations focus on BASF, the German chemical company. This large well-followed and well-researched company should always reflect the known information about the company. With over 30 analysts trying to keep in very close contact with the company, it is hard to believe that any one investor will frequently possess unknown information. To make money in BASF, the investor is better advised to concentrate on the analysis of known information. The ISN product attempts to do exactly that by modeling whether the known economic environment is correctly reflected in the BASF share price.

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