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Special Report on 5G Investment Opportunities

Welcome to the presentation on Fifth Generation Mobile Communications or commonly referred to as 5G, presented by Investment Strategy Network. This presentation is about investing in the technology, not about developing the technology. We will review the history, some important terms you will need to understand the environment that 5G operates in, why 5G is important, tremendous advancements that are possible with 5G, some difficulties, when 5G will start to appear to consumers and where investment opportunities exist.

Portfolio Considerations – USA – January

This is a new report created from the Considerations stock directory. It is a list of stocks that an investor may wish to consider adding to a portfolio. The report includes three separate lists. One for investors that have no reservations in regards to price fluctuations and are comfortable with movements similar to the market overall. This is labeled “ALL”. The 2nd is for investors that wish to reduce price fluctuations slightly and it is called “CORE & MARKET”. The final list is for an investor that wishes to be in the stock market, but tilt the portfolio to a more conservative price variation than the market and we call this “CORE”. All of the stocks on the lists are considered undervalued, have improving ranking on revenue growth, relatively high rankings in profitability, show high rankings on a global comparison. We believe these stocks have the highest potential in the marketplace and deserve consideration.


U.S. Stock Portfolio Considerations (November 2017)

Global Payments, Allegheny Technology and NRG leave the portfolio while Coty, CVS, Kroger and Tyson Foods join.