Service Change: New Format for Stock Information Sheet Includes 12 New Rankings

This month there are several new stock rankings on key fundamental factors that have been added to the information stock sheets. Here is a complete list of the ranking charts provided. The new sliders have a * next to their name. Percent Fair Value, Fair Value Rank, Market Capitalization Rank, P/E Rank, Dividend Yield Rank, *CMA Rank, *EBIT/Share Rank, *EBITDA/Share Rank, *Free Cash Flow/Share Rank, *Revenue Growth 1-year Rank, *Revenue Growth 3-year Rank, *Revenue Growth 5-year Rank, *Return Week Rank, *Return Month Rank, *Return Quarter Rank, *Return YTD Rank, *Return 12 Months Rank, and MAB Rank. We have also added a Free Cash Flow/Share cell in the information table.

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Posted by Steven Albrecht