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Investment Strategy Today – January 23

Canadian manufacturing and wholesale sales slow, Japan and Spain experience trade deficits, UK enjoys a continuing improvement in unemployment rate. U.S. existing home sales continue to slow. More stocks return to Buy Watch consideration.

Investment Strategy Today – January 22

Economic news from around the world is very mixed with South Korea enjoying one of the best growth periods in a year and Germany able to hold increases in producer prices to a 2.7% increase. China continues to experience slower economic growth, but not dramatic with a GDP of 6.4% and retail sales increase of of over 8%. These numbers are high, but not as high as previous periods. Overall, growth appears to be on the positive side, just a bit slower than previously expected by the markets.

Investment Strategy Today – January 15

German wholesale price index down 2.5%, European industrial production down 3.3%, Japanese money supply growth M2 down 2.4%, No USA Fair Value changes, No USA new Buy or Sell Considerations.

Investment Strategy Today – 14 January

USA CPI drops to 1.9% in December, below Federal Reserve target of 2.0%, UK Industrial production falls 1.5% YOY, Italian industrial production falls 2.6% YOY, Spanish industrial production falls 2.6% YOY. BioTelemetry increases in Fair Value, PetMed Express moves to BUY.

Investment Strategy Today – January 10

All Market Capitalization Categories Remain Well Inside Normal Valuation Levels with MidCap Holding Highest Expectations. Current Market Considerations Remain Tilted to Buy/Buy Watch Classifications as Opposed to the Strong Sell/Sell Watch Tilt that Developed in 2018.